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Best Hookup Sites for 2021 (that Actually Work and Won’t Scam You)

I asked hundreds of DateID members for recommendations for the best hookup sites that actually work–and sites to avoid at all costs. Here’s what they said.

Exploit This “Mind Hack” to Make Any Girl Feel Crazy Sexual Desire For You

Critics of this controversial approach claim it exploits vulnerabilities in female psyche. Others argue that women want to be seduced, and love how the men who use this method make them feel.

Analysis of 10,000 Romance Scam Victims Shows Surprising Results, Contradicts FTC

New research shows that the “dating verification scam”, the most widespread romance scam globally, targets younger men in wealthy US states.

7 Sure-fire Ways to Assess Romantic Compatibility on Your Zoom Date

Just because video dates seem low-stakes doesn’t mean you should take them lightly. Here’s how to know if your date is going to be a good match.