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Hookup ID: The Secret to Meeting More Hot Women Online

The hookup ID is the oldest and most widespread online dating scam. Here we break down how it works and why men keep falling for it.

How to Do a Background Check on Someone You’re Dating

Online dating apps only show you what your date wants you to see, but DateID gives you the real story. So, before cupid strikes his arrow you need to make sure the object of your affection is being truthful in their dating profile. A quick lookup on DateID can tell you what’s hidden behind your date’s smile and give you peace of mind.

DateID Verified Photos: Never Be Deceived Again

The number one complaint from online dating users is that people look better in their photos than they do IRL. That’s why we’re so excited about DateID Verified Photos.

How to Turn Any Woman On Without Saying a Word

For hundreds of thousands of years…

Men had to seduce women without saying a single word. Before spoken language even existed…

The only tool men had to turn a woman on…