Bumble vs. Tinder: Find Out Which Is Better for You

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The Two Most Popular Dating Apps Are Surprisingly Different

Is Bumble better than Tinder? Well, It’s time to put these two wildly popular dating apps into the fighting ring for a Tinder vs Bumble match.

If you’re going to put yourself out onto the online dating world, then you should know which apps are worth investing your time into and which ones are not.

So you’re probably here because you’re wondering, “Is Bumble better than Tinder?”, or vice versa.

Today we’re going to look at all the pros and cons of both Tinder and Bumble and compare the two. So, Welcome to this episode of Tinder vs Bumble. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Alrighty, now buckle up, folks. We’re about to get into it.

Bumble vs Tinder – Which Dating App is Better For You? 

When it comes down to it, people have said that the two apps are for totally different experiences. And namely, Tinder is for hookups and Bumble is for dating. But it’s not so simple.

which is better bumble vs tinderBut today, we’re still going to compare the two dating apps, Bumble and Tinder, and at the end of this, you can decide which app fits you best.

So first off, let’s talk about the ratio of men to women on Bumble vs Tinder.

The Ratio of Men to Women on Tinder and Bumble

The statistics for the ratio of men to women on Tinder is an outstanding 2:1. 

Men have taken over Tinder. So if you’re interested in men, this is definitely the place you want to sign up. You’ll surely have plenty of fish in your sea.

The statistics for the ratio of men to women on Bumble is 1:1. 

Bumble has a pretty equal playing field if I do say so myself. There are 50% men and 50% women on the app.

App Popularity

If we’re going to look at app popularity… Well, Tinder kind of blows Bumble out of the water. So, does that mean Tinder is better than Bumble? Well, just because it’s more popular, doesn’t make it any better or worse!

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the United States as of now, with a boasting 57 million users. 

bumble vs tinder dating app

So if you’re looking to talk to and meet a lot of different people, well, you have 57 million chances on Tinder.

Bumble, on the other hand, has 22 million users. That’s still a lot!

On a scale of Casual to Serious

If you’re looking for something serious, then Bumble may be the choice for you.

You may have heard once in a blue moon that your friend’s-friend’s-cousin’s-best-friend found her significant other through Tinder.

But that doesn’t happen often.

is bumble better than tinder two people on a date

Bumble is more of a serious dating app, as opposed to its competitor, Tinder, which… we all know it is known for hookups and one night stands.

60% of all matches on Bumble end up in a conversation, and that’s because matches expire.

When you’re matched on Bumble, and if you’re straight, the woman has to start the conversation with you within 24 hours, or else the match expires.

Because of the 24-hour time limit, people feel this un-denying need to write you, because they may never get the opportunity again. This will result in a, hopefully, engaging and fun conversation, which may lead to something more.

Whereas on Tinder, the matches are always there for you to write at 2 am when “you’re bored”.

Building Your Profile

Both Tinder and Bumble are based on people swiping right if they like your pictures and vibe you give off through the images.

The good news is, both apps allow you to post multiple pictures and a bio, which gives you about a 10-second window to woo your potential partner with your looks and personality.

tinder phone

If you want to know how to absolutely ace your Tinder profile, from your picture choices to the way you write your bio, definitely check out these 21 Tinder tips for your online dating success.

Getting Matched

For both apps, in order to be matched, you both have to swipe right on each other. Which is great, because it means the feeling is mutual.

tinder tips

Bumble is less work for men, whereas, on Tinder, the amount of work that goes into talking to your match is equal for men and women.

Chatting it up and hitting it off

As I was saying earlier, on Tinder, anyone can write to anyone, if they’re matched.

But on Bumble, as it is a “woman-friendly” dating app, only the women can message the men first within the first 24 hours.

Which is great for us women, because we don’t keep getting the “hey”, “what’s up.” or “u awake” messages.

You only write those who you really think you would like to connect with.

couple smiling on beach tinder vs bumble

The downside of this though, is that you always have to make the first move, or else nothing is going to happen.

So if you’re a woman and you’re looking to be pursued, Tinder is your friend. But if you’re looking to put in the effort and hard work to scout out for the person of your dreams, then definitely roll with Bumble.

Premium and Paid Features

For Tinder, if you’re willing to pay a few extra bucks, you can get unlimited right swipes, free Tinder boost for you to use once a month, 5 extra Super Likes, you can change your location to anywhere in the world to meet more people, not just where you’re currently living, see who already liked your profile, and more.

man giving woman flowers dating app online

For Bumble, there are quite a few premium features as well. Such as Beeline, which is a feature that lets you see only the people who have already liked your profile so that a match is bound and guaranteed to happen. There is also a rematch feature, which gives you an additional 24 hours to connect with your match. How cool is that? Then there is Busy Bee, which also allows you to extend the match an additional 24 hours, and the list goes on.

Final Thoughts – Pros and Cons

So is Bumble better than Tinder?

Tinder has the larger dating pool, but is more for casual meetups, while Bumble is the more serious of the two.

If you’re looking for a fun time, go Tinder. If you’re looking for a real relationship that will last, go Bumble.

man and woman on date talking

Bumble is easier for men because they just have to wait for women to write them. Bumble is more work for women but can result in more quality dates, conversations, and even a long-lasting relationship.

Tinder is best for big cities, so if you don’t live in a big city or nearby… then, tough luck.

Bumble has a smaller dating pool to choose from, but you may have some crazy good results.

Before we wrap this up, I want to share some final statistics about Bumble.

According to Bumble, people are on the app the most on Sunday’s, and the least on Friday’s. Probably because on Friday people are going on dates, and Sunday reevaluating their choices.

People who upload 6 profile pictures get the most matches on Bumble.

The best time to send a message and get a response is between 8-10 pm.

Sending a GIF is almost a sure-fire way of getting a response, or sending a short and snappy 10-word sentence!

So could Bumble be a better dating app than Tinder? 

That’s up to you to decide.

Now That the Tinder vs Bumble battle is over…

No matter what app you choose to use, you need to stay safe. Do some research and background checking on your potential date before meeting up with them in person by using DateID.

We wish you all the best in your quest for love or a good time.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re going to use Bumble or Tinder.

Happy dating!

Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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