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Analysis of 10,000 Romance Scam Victims Shows Surprising Results, Contradicts FTC

New research shows that the “dating verification scam”, the most widespread romance scam globally, targets younger men in wealthy US states.

Dating During Coronavirus: A Battle of the Sexes

In late April we put up a simple poll on our website asking men and women how soon they would be ready to meet in person. Once a week we update this post with a new week’s worth of data.

DateID Verified Photos: Never Be Deceived Again

The number one complaint from online dating users is that people look better in their photos than they do IRL. That’s why we’re so excited about DateID Verified Photos.

DateID to Build Trust and Transparency Online With Dating Verification Platform

Learn more about DateID’s story: Read the press release from our joint PR campaign with Yoti that took place when we launched in September of 2019.