5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Profile for a Tinder Select Invite

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No, You Don’t Have to Be a Hollywood A-Lister

Ahh, Tinder Select. The place for all the elite and affluent people of Tinder. From celebrities to models, business owners and everything in between, Tinder Select is the place that you definitely want to be.

And we’re going to show you how to get a Tinder Select invite in 2020. Without needing to be a celebrity.

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What is Tinder Select?

Never heard of Tinder Select? That’s because it’s a secret members-only elite club for Tinder users.

So is there a separate Tinder Select app?

To clarify, Tinder Select is an extension to the app, not an entirely different app, that can be switched on and off during your use of Tinder.

It has been operating for quite some time now, but it’s not open to just anyone. And that’s most likely why you haven’t heard of it until recently.

Tinder Select isn’t just for celebrities, millionaires, and big-time CEO’s, though.

activate tinder select screen

If you’re doing really well on Tinder, and you have a great Tinder Elo score (which I will be talking about today), then you might just get a Tinder Select Invite.

But how does that work exactly? How can you get on Tinder Select?

Well, let me break it down for you.

How can I get on Tinder Select?

There are only 2 ways that one can get on Tinder Select.

  1. Tinder personally selects you for inclusion on Tinder Select
  2. You’re invited by another Tinder Select user

tinder select invite message

When you’re nominated to be a part of Tinder Select, you may or may not have the ability to invite others to join.

The way Tinder Select qualifies new members is by looking at their Tinder Elo Score, which is an algorithmic rating and score system that compares you to other users to see how well you’re doing, your desirability level, how many right and left swipes you get, and observing the score of others that you match up with.

select user activating the app

Although Tinder claims that they don’t use the Elo scoring system anymore, which was basically your Tinder score, and I believe I speak on the behalf of many, many users when I say we are all very skeptical about this claim and we still believe that the Elo scoring system is in place. Anyway, moving right along…

One very vital thing that will boost your Tinder Elo Score is getting right swipes. We have an entire article dedicated to teaching you how to boost your right swipes on Tinder, so definitely give that a read to help raise your Elo Score.

How Does Tinder Select Work?

So you know what Tinder Select is, but how does it work?

Well, As I said, it’s not an entirely separate app. It works like an extension.

When you’re using Tinder Select, the normal orange app colors change from orange to blue.

Now, when you’re on the Tinder Select side of things, you exclusively see other Tinder Select users.

What happens is, your profile will be seen by loads more of other potential matches than usual.

You’ll know when you’ve come across another Select user when you see their blue profile border and the Select badge on it.

So, things are not that different from the normal Tinder, in theory, but where you really will notice a difference is in the quality of your mathes.

Some people said they felt like Cupid was working tirelessly by their side.

But one thing to remember is that you can always turn Tinder Select on and off and use it as you please.

5 Things to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Tinder Select Invite

Now that you know the gist of what Tinder Select is and you know that you need to be handpicked by Tinder or nominated by others to join, then you need to optimize your Tinder profile the best that you can so that you receive an invite.

Tinder users profiles

[These Tinder users really know how to work their angles, and we’re going to teach you same serious Tinder life hacks.]

Here are 5 simple ways that you can make your profile more desireable and maximize your chances to recieve a Tinder Select invite.

1. Use the perfect profile picture

Now the ideal Tinder profile picture to increase your chances of getting an invite is as follows: simple, has contrast, direct eye contact with the camera, bright colored outfit, alone.

That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

You need your first Tinder profile picture to be perfect. That’s a huge deciding factor in whether someone will swipe left or right on you.

When you have a great profile picture, you’ll get more right swipes. When you get more right swipes, you increase your Elo score.

Simple, right?

That’s one easy way to optimize your profile for an invite.

Here are 2 examples of the perfect Tinder profile picture.

good tinder profile examples


We have an entire article full of precious information on how to choose the picture Tinder profile picture. So if you want to know what pictures get more right swipes than others, definitely check it out!

2. Fill out your Bio

You’ve got to fill out your bio. It doesn’t matter if you’re the worst writer or storyteller in the world. Anything is better than nothing.

optimize tinder profile for tinder select invite


It’s already a proven fact that just by writing something in your bio, you have a 66% increased chance of getting someone to swipe right on you, than having it empty. And again, the more right swipes, the more “desirable” Tinder considers you.

So taking the time to write something up, take a look at how you can write the best Tinder bio, or just use one of our Tinder bio templates!

3. Answer All of Tinder’s Questions

You might not be the most photogenic of the bunch, but that’s okay because Tinder’s algorithm takes more than just right swipes into consideration.

You need to make sure you fill in all of the answers to Tinder’s questions.

That means you need to list your education, age, sex, current job, etc, in order to increase your chances of getting into the elite side of Tinder.

The more things that Tinder can rate you on, the better.

4. Connect Your Instagram

Connecting your Instagram is another amazing way to boost your chances of an invite.

connect instagram to Tinder


When you connect your Instagram, Tinder can take a look at your number of followers and other factors that may affect your Elo score and overall chances of getting an invite.

5. Use Tinder Boost

One final tip we recommend you to follow is using Tinder Boost.

Yes, it does cost money, but we believe it could be worth it.

When you use Tinder Boost, it will send your Tinder profile to the top of the queue, for the following half-hour, for all the Tinder users in your area to see.

tinder boost


Although Tinder Boost only lasts for a half hour, it will give you 10 times more views than normal, which should result in a lot of activity on your profile.

Which in turn is great for your Elo score, if it’s positive activity.

Wrapping Up

Finally, keep your profile fresh and try to be as active as possible on Tinder.

Engage with users and try to have longer conversations and get past small talk.

They say there are thousands of factors that go into your Elo score, so just make sure you’re doing everything in your power to make it to Tinder Select, if that’s something you want.

Ultimately, when you’re online dating, we want to remind you to stay safe. DateID always has your back when it comes to getting some extra information about your potential date.

You’re your own #1, so you gotta look out for yourself, and we’re there to help you.

Until next time,

Enjoy Tinder-ing and good luck getting a Tinder select invite!


What is Tinder Select?

Tinder Select is an exclusive, secret version of the dating app for the elite users of Tinder, where you'll meet the best of the best.

How can I get on Tinder Select?

The only way you can get on Tinder Select is if you get an invitation to join. You can get an invite from another Tinder Select user or you can receive an invite from Tinder themselves.

How can I get a Tinder Select invite?

You can receive a Tinder Select invite from another Tinder Select users or from Tinder themselves. The best way to receive an invite is by optimizing your profile to be the best that it can be.

Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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