23 Essential Online Dating Tips for Men That Will Get Immediate Results

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Follow these strategies and tactics to increase your hit rate

I’ve been reading a lot of online dating tips for men lately, and I saw that a lot of them only talk about what you should do when you’ve already asked a girl on a date.

But I want to start this ultimate online dating tips for men off with you and how you present yourself online from the beginning.

You can’t use tips about what to do on a date if you don’t get one.

So here’s what we’re going to talk about today. Regardless of your level of experience, I guarantee I’ve got something for you.

Alright, daylight is wasting. Let’s get right to it and help you become your best online dating self.

How to Present Yourself on an Online Dating App

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Before anything, ask yourself- what do you want to get out of this dating app?

Do you want to just have a fun time and get nothing serious out of it?

Or are you trying to create and nurture a long-lasting relationship?

Depending on your answer, you’ll approach the situation differently.

We’re going to talk about how to try to find a person you’re actually interested in dating and pursuing something real.

Pick multiple pictures for your profile picture

If the dating app you use allows you to post multiple pictures, do it.

By having the option of posting lots of pictures, you get to show all your different sides.

You get to show your hobbies, interests, personality, and you get to show off your looks and pearly whites.

But please, don’t slack on the smiling, and most definitely do not wear sunglasses.

Make sure your eyes are visible

According to Tinder, if you wear sunglasses in a profile picture, people are much more likely to swipe left. By an astounding 13%

The same goes for smiling. If you don’t smile, your right swipe numbers are going to plummet. Smiling shows a sweet, warm and kind side of you. And it increases right swipes by 12 percent!

the ultimate online dating tips for men

So smile and look into the camera, but don’t be weird about it and make creepy eyes. Lighten up and have a little fun.

Wear colors that stand out

Another thing we learned from Tinder themselves is that you should wear bright colors.

Loads of people are wearing neutral colors in their profile pictures and people are mindlessly swiping left on them.

When you pop up wearing a bright color, this naturally grabs the attention of the person viewing your profile and taking time to look at you and your bio. See more tips for men on what to wear on a first date.

Which brings me to the next important part.

Write an interesting bio

Once you grab their attention with your pictures, it’s time to woo them with your words. Whether you choose to be smooth or funny is up to you.

But try to stand out and not be generic. And please, don’t make stuff up about yourself that isn’t true.

Check out our guide on how to write the best tinder bio so that you can stick out of the crowd!

the ultimate online dating tips for men


Make sure your bio is true

Now this is another one of those super important online dating tips for men.

By not being truthful, you only end up hurting yourself.

Sure, you might get to go on the date because of your “fancy interests and hobbies”.

But how long are you going to keep up with the facade and how long til the truth comes out?

You can always spice things up a little and make things interesting. But make sure things you’re saying are truthful.

Otherwise, you might end up going scuba-diving and you don’t even know how to swim, just to keep up the look!

Make it funny

If you’re the kind of person who loves a surprising joke, then hit em with your best shot.

Run your puns by a friend before posting, or look up some examples online that might suit you.

By having a funny bio, you’ll have lots of fun things to talk about at the beginning of a conversation.

State some facts about yourself

Your bio is kind of like your resume, and since you only have about a tenth of a second to impress a person with your profile, then you have to nail it.

List a few things about yourself that you are interested in or things you like to do so a person can know if they relate to you, or if they want to know more about who you are.

Make them want more

And finally, make them want more.

Leave a cliff-hanger or a question at the end of your bio to make people feel the need to strike up a conversation with you.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

the ultimate online dating tips for men


Need some more inspiration? Read our post on how to write a Tinder profile bio that will make anyone swipe right.

How to Talk to a Girl that You’re Interested In

Once you’ve found a person you’re interested in, then comes the time to try and impress her with your personality. Here are some tips on how to approach and talk to the girl you found interesting.

Don’t just say “hi”

Here’s a prime example of what you don’t want to happen in your conversation.

tinder chat fail

Don’t be this guy.

By just saying “hi” or “hey”, you’re limiting the conversation and basically saying “I’ve got nothing.”.

Here are some things that you actually should say when striking up a conversation.

Send a personalized message

You could definitely start off the conversation by saying a little something about yourself.

You can introduce yourself, name off a few of your interests, maybe say something lighthearted and nice, and then see how she reacts.

Write something based on her interests

Nothing says “I’m interested in you” more than sending her a message about something she likes.

That means that you did your due diligence in research and put in the time and effort to formulate a meaningful message to send to her.

Not to mention that she’ll be excited to see you have similar interests or relating questions and will carry on the conversation.

Tinder shared a statistic saying you increase your chances of getting a reply by 30% by simply sending a gif. Send a gif relating to one of her interests. That’s pure gold, right there.

What to Wear on a First Date

the ultimate online dating tips for men

You should always wear what makes you feel most comfortable, but there are a few general rules you can follow.

Make sure your outfit matches the occasion

We have an entire guide for what men should wear on a first date that’s definitely worth checking out.

But basically, wear something that matches your style and personality and fits the occasion.

Wear cologne

Pick something that isn’t too strong, but smells warm and manly.

On a first date, I recommended that you don’t spray too much on in case she doesn’t like the smell of it.

Properly groom yourself

Trim the beard, get the haircut, wear the new outfit.

A girl can tell whether you put effort into this date, or you just rolled outta bed.

So if you want to make a good impression, definitely spend a few extra minutes taking care of yourself.

This will boost your overall confidence as well.

What to Do on a First Date

The first date location will say a lot about yourself and what you’re trying to achieve in this relationship. This is a serious hit or miss kinda situation, so choose correctly!

the ultimate online dating tips for men

Ask her if she has any preferences

Find out if she is an outdoorsy adventurous kinda gal, or if she’d rather go on a walk and get a fancy dinner.

Like I said, your first date is really important and certain details can sometimes determine whether or not you’ll get a second.

So, find out what she likes to do and plan accordingly, or simply let her choose.

Have a plan

There’s not much worse than being hungry and not being able to pick out a restaurant.

Especially on a first date.

Just like a woman can tell if you put effort into your looks for the date, she can tell how much effort you put into planning your date.

Be flexible

Have a few ideas in mind of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do, just in case things seem to become a bit boring with your original plan.

This way, you can adapt and overcome the awkwardness and bot of you have a better time.

Plus, a little flexibility is fun and shows your spontaneous side.

What to Talk About on a First Date

the ultimate online dating tips for men

There are lots of things that can be discussed on a first date, but sometimes things are a little awkward at the beginning.

We have an entire list of first date questions to break the ice for you to go over.

This way you’ll be prepared and can avoid any awkward moments.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s of what to say/ask on a first date.

  • Do talk about your interests
  • Do talk about your hobbies
  • Do talk about art and culture
  • Do talk about your day
  • Do talk about your surroundings
  • Do ask funny questions
  • Do talk about your adventures and experiences
  • Don’t talk about ex’s
  • Don’t talk about too many negative things
  • Don’t get on your phone
  • Don’t talk about money
  • Don’t talk about politics (or tread lightly)
  • Do be respectful


How to Get a Second Date

There’s only one thing to say here about how to get a second date

Be yourself.

If the chemistry was there and you had a good time, ask her out again whenever you feel comfortable asking.

Don’t follow and wait out the “three-day rule” if you don’t want to. Text or call her when you feel comfortable.

the ultimate online dating tips for men

Make sure to stay safe when online dating. Meeting a person from a dating app for the first time is a big deal and there’s always a slight chance/risk you’re taking when meeting someone.

So always be sure to take care of your safety and do your due diligence by doing a little research prior to meeting up.

Screening your date on DateID is a great way to know a little more about a person and find out some more information about them. Definitely give it a go before your first date!

Final thoughts

I guess you could sum up all of the online dating tips for men that we went over into this: let loose, have some fun, be respectful, and let things happen naturally.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and learn what women want from men. It doesn’t matter how good at online dating you are if you don’t understand women 😉 


Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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