Swipe Much? You Need These 21 Expert Tinder Tips

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Stopping pissing away hours swiping. Start using Tinder like a pro.

If you’re putting yourself out there, living your best life, and trying to have a fun time on tinder or possibly meet the love of your life, then you might be looking for some Tinder tips.

These are sure-fire tips from experts from around the globe and from Tinder themselves.

If you’re trying to get your A-game on Tinder, then these are definitely some pointers worth noting down.

Now let’s get you a date. Here’s how to do well on Tinder.

1. Pictures are everything 

Pictures, pictures, pictures. I’m going to start this article off with the best Tinder picture tips ever. Your Tinder pictures are the first thing a person is going to judge you by on Tinder. No one ever said: “Let’s skip the pictures and go straight to the bio”. No one. 

So if your pictures aren’t sparking joy, then… yikes. You could be in for some major trouble. This is one of the most important Tinder tips I could give you.


2. Forget the selfies

This one goes specifically for all my wanna-be-dating men out there. Not for all my girls out there slaying the selfie game

You might not know this, but for all of y’all beautiful women out there stunting and posting your best selfies in front of a brightly lit window, you’re doing great. 

But for men, by posting a selfie, you’re more likely to get 8% fewer right swipes by having your first profile picture be a selfie. 

So make sure you have a great picture of yourself, with a well-contrasted background, with you in the foreground. 


3. Avoid the group picture

Please, for the love of all things good, stop ? posting ? group ? photos ?.  

This does not work in your favor, unfortunately. 

No one wants to play where’s waldo when picking out a potential date. It’s way easier to swipe right and find the next eligible bachelor/bachelorette. 

Also, for this strategy to work to your advantage, you need to be the best-looking person in your group photo. Beauty is subjective, so do you really want to be playing that game?

I’m just looking out for you. Let’s move on to Tinder tip number 4.

4. Smile in your pictures

Tinder released some major game-changing stats that taught us what really works in our photos and what simply, does not. 

And not smiling, no matter how sexy you think that sexy gaze is, is not going to work for most people.

By smiling, you raise your chances of people swiping right by 14 percent

We all get to see that fun side of you. You’re approachable and most likely super cute.

 So basically, just smile.

tinder tips for online dating


5. Leave your sunglasses at home

Tinder says: Don’t wear sunglasses in your pictures. They’ll decrease your swipes by 12%.

It doesn’t matter that they’re Gucci.

 What is more expensive and valuable than any boujee name brand is human connection. 

According to science, meeting the gaze of another person is the most important cue for human communication and social interaction. 

By wearing glasses, you look unapproachable. And you’re covering up half of your face.

This is a huge no-no, pal.


6. Ditch the neutrals

If you want to be like everyone else and not get many swipes, then wear black, white, or light brown. 

If, on the other hand, you do want to stand out, then you definitely need to follow this Tinder tip: wear colors that stand out.

When someone sees so many people posting generic photos, in generic colors, it gets boring and they’ll mindlessly swipe left.

And then BOOM, there you are, in your Hawaiian dad shirt or pretty red dress standing out of the crowd. 

That’ll get you some major attention. 

7. Post multiple pictures

But definitely not the same ones- the brain is visually stimulated, so post lots of different activities that you enjoy doing that will lead to some decent conversation with other people.

If you had a photoshoot, and have multiple good-looking pictures in the same outfit, in the same place, please refrain from the urge to post all of them.

We get the idea. You looked good. But just post one, and find some other good ones. 

This will definitely work out in your favor.

More photos = more swipes. Guaranteed. 

And one question I do want to answer that I get frequently is “Which way should I swipe on Tinder?”. If you’re interested in someone and think they’re a good match for you, then swipe right. If you don’t vibe with someone, and you don’t want to match with them, then swipe left. Right swipe = good. Left swipe = bad.

8. Don’t just post pictures of your body without your face

Pleaseeeee. Yes, you work out. Yes, you look good. 

But instead of posting half-naked pictures, win someone over with your personality! 

Most of the time, the shirtless mirror picture is not a major winner. 

So basically, for this Tinder tip, post primarily good-looking photos of yourself that do show you work out, but don’t be super obnoxious with the shirtless images.

9. Don’t leave your bio blank

Tinder’s first “don’t” from their “dos and don’ts” video is, do not leave your bio blank.

You’re not showing off your personality and you’re not giving them anything to go off of.

Pictures speak a thousand words, but don’t let the pictures do all of the talking for you. 

tinder dating tips for success

10. Make it funny

Funny bios are everything. 

If you can make someone laugh, they can overlook anything and swipe right.

A funny bio can also make for a hilarious conversation starter. There are tons of examples online for you to look at and get inspiration from. Here are some of my favorites.

tinder matching tips

11. Don’t be negative

This Tinder tip is vital: If you post a list of things you don’t want, you’re going to come off the wrong way.

It’s great to have standards, but think about positive criticism. Talk about things you like and are looking for, instead of just making a list of things you don’t like about a partner.

12. Use templates if you need

If no creativity sparks in that mind of yours, no worries. 

Lots of people use templates they find online and just adjust them to fit their profiles. 

13. Make sure it leaves people wanting more.

You always want to make sure your bio and pictures make a person want to get to know you better. 

That’s why you can end your profile with a question or a fun little contradictory statement.  

It’ll be easy for people to approach you and talk to you this way.

14. Use super likes to your advantage

It’s nice to feel appreciated. Everyone gets one super like per day on Tinder.

And you should use it to your advantage. When someone sees that you used your one super like on them, they’ll most likely be flattered. 

Conversations that start from a super like are 70% longer than other conversations, so definitely consider following this Tinder tip and using yours!

tinder matching tips



15. Don’t be too pushy

If someone doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t be pushy.

Don’t send a long string of messages, only to have no replies.

You’ll look desperate. So work your magic, if it doesn’t work out, know there are plenty more fish in the sea. 

16. Send a gif

Don’t know what to say? Here are our best Tinder messaging tips.

If you really don’t know what to say to a Tinder match, or you want to stand out and be different, send a gif as your first message.

Tinder gave us a tip in their video saying that gifs are 30% more likely to win you a reply, so send something relevant to their bio, or just pick something that you think is a good, fun choice.

17. Don’t be afraid of small talk

Sometimes a conversation might start off boring, but don’t give up hope.

Like at the beginning of lots of relationships, you just might not know what to say. 

That’s why we have a list of fun questions to ask your date to break the ice.

18. Ask questions that require answers

So here’s a guide on what to say on Tinder.

To avoid a dull conversation, ask questions that require more than one-word answers.  

For example, if I ask you if you like to drink wine, your answer might simply be “yes” or “no”.

But if I ask you what your favorite drink is and why, then you’ll be obliged to answer two of my questions with full sentences. 

And from there, I can come up with more things to reply to you after you tell me your reasoning. 

tinder dating tips for success

19. Connect your Instagram

Tinder also recommends that you connect your Instagram to your tinder in order to keep it fresh. 

Plus, you can see a more personal side to someone by finding their social media.

20. Stay safe

My biggest request to you is that you stay safe when online dating. Anyone could be behind that screen talking to you.

That’s why it’s always good to find out all the information you can in order to stay safe when you go on a date. 

DateID is perfect for getting some more information about your date and can also check on some of their background for you. 

21. Have fun

And finally, have fun and be yourself!

You should feel comfortable on your date and have a great time.

If you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming date, we know of 5 helpful tips to release dating insecurities almost instantly.

We hope you found these 21 Tinder tips helpful

Let us know in the comments what other tips you think are worth mentioning. 

Enjoy Tinder-ing, folks!

Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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Heleana Tiburca
Dating Expert , DateID
Heleana is an online dating expert who, after much experimentation, cracked the code on Tinder, where she met her husband. While she’s now happily married, she still enjoys sharing the experience that helped her succeed. In her free time you’ll find her making music on YouTube.
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